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I Have Not Been Able to Get Through to Everyone April 30, 2011: Somewhere in my notebooks are definitions for “adage” and “aphorism.” I wrote them down while reading a poem by Anna Moschovakis titled “Untitled.” When I re-read it, I open the dictionary again. This time I know what will happen. I'll happily play word zigzag and then find myself in a word maze: I can’t remember what it is [...] by

According to Beauty April 28, 2011: Photo Credit: Rachel Eliza Griffiths Soon April will end and I’ll be as guilty as the editors behind the fashion shoot in O Magazine’s April poetry issue. I spoke with a few of the featured poets, raising expectations that I’d write about what the O issue left out—their poetry and their experience of the shoot. Many felt set up by the [...] by

O, Poetry! O, Humanity! April 1, 2011: A funny thing happens every time Oprah Winfrey steps outside her perceived area of competency and into the realm of ostensibly high art: commentators line up to tell you that you don’t really need to pay attention. This happened back in 1996 when she began spending valuable television airtime on—of all things—a book club; it happened [...] by

After many a gruelling sleepover, O’s poetry issue is finally here March 10, 2011: So yes, that issue of O magazine dedicated to poetry has finally come out and The New Yorker's Book Bench got its hands on a copy. It's a bit of a surprise that the Maria Shriver-edited issue doesn't feature any original poetry (except in one letter to the editor) as the world was breathlessly waiting for Mike Tyson and Ashton Kutcher to drop some [...] by