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Sylvia Plath Is My Friend December 12, 2012: Lauren Quinn at This Recording has posted a bunch of vignettes of what it'd be like to be friends with famous (dead) poets. She talks about bad poetry readings with Jim Carroll, cooking with Lucille Clifton, hating on Octavio Paz with Roberto Bolano, and then this little gem with Sylvia Plath: I’m fifteen when I send Sylvia an [...] by

Roberto Tejada Talks Poetry and Mexican Politics at BOMB September 6, 2012: Roberto Tejada discusses the lively literary and artistic community in Mexico City, and Mandorla, a bilingual magazine he founded in the early 90s, over at BOMB. Here, Tejada tells the story about an argument he had with Octavio Paz in 1994: RT Paz claimed that the Zapatistas were the equivalent in Mexico of the Maoist cultural revolution. [...] by

“Bookjoy!” April 21, 2011: I’m borrowing poet Pat Mora’s favorite expression, and riffing from Javier Huerta’s list entry, although my list will be shorter and I’ll also add a few words of praise about these, my favorites books. Wish Huerta had done the same... ouch! (Much love, Javi, you know I think you’re mad-cool, mi osito de peduche, my laughing [...] by