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a closed parenthesis, and what it opens in us April 7, 2014: I’m in the Cincinnati, away from the SF bay area for a week, and I just learned about Colleen Lookingbill’s death from many friends’ emails, from Facebook posts, and from Kevin Killian’s deeply moving Harriet post. Kevin’s description of her generosity and valor is an open embrace of her life and work—an embrace that holds all of [...] by

OmniVerse Becomes ZombieVerse! January 3, 2014: The editors over at OmniVerse are bringing out the (living)dead for this month's issue that "features works revived from lost and out-of-print publications, curated by RJ Ingram." And what a parade it is, featuring: a Creeley talk on Emily Dickinson originally publish in Ironwood in 1986, poetry by Laynie Browne from L O R E, more poetry by [...] by

Forrest Gander Video-Poems at OmniVerse September 3, 2013: The latest and the greatest from OmniVerse just hit your internet-newsstand with poems by Lisa Fishman, Brian Mornar, and Noah Eli Gordon, along with an interview with Andrew Zawacki. And if that doesn't incite you to click your way over, consider the two Forrest Gander video-poems. We'll post one here below, but leave it up you dear reader to [...] by

OmniVerse Reviews the CUNY Chapbook Festival July 2, 2013: OmniVerse blogged enthusiastically about the recent New York City CUNY Chapbook Festival--which took place in early May--mentioning Simone White, Elaine Kahn, Mónica de la Torre, The Song Cave, and Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Archive Initiative, among others, as standout. Among others: Andrew Durbin, author of Reveler from Argos [...] by

A Great Conversation with Jack Collom at OmniVerse March 6, 2013: OmniVerse has published an interview with Jack Collom and Elizabeth Robinson as the second installment of a three-part issue in celebration of Collom, author of (wow!) 24 books of poetry. "I mean, we wouldn’t, I think, change 'I love you' to 'I experience interpersonal gravitation in regard to you,' although 'love' has been debased and [...] by