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New to the Archive October 16, 2013: Last week we mentioned a new poetry sampler of Latin@ poetry that we're excited to feature. Today, we're going to drill into the online archive and see what else has been added since we last checked in. Some recently added poets and poems to the archive include the likes of Anna Moschovakis with a variety of Thought Experiments and other [...] by

New to the Archive: U.S. Latino/a Voices in Poetry October 11, 2013: In this installment of "New to the Archive," we'd like to draw your attention to our latest poetry sampler which brings together a broad collection of Latin@ poetry from our online archive. To introduce the sampler, our editors write: In his introduction to El Coro: A Chorus of Latino and Latina Poetry (1997), Martín Espada wrote, [...] by

New to the Archive August 23, 2013: We've just replenished the coffers with some valuable poem nuggets and thought Friday morning would be the perfect time to share these treats from our online archive. Ya know, just to get the weekend off on the right foot. First, it is with great pleasure that we've added this handful of poems by Philip Lamantia, filling in that surrealist [...] by

New to the Archive July 2, 2013: It's been some time since we checked in with what's new in our archive, so we thought we'd pull out a few file-folders and see what's been added. We'll start with poems we've included by some Harriet contributors. First, we have poems from Paisley Rekdal's latest book Animal Eye. Among other things, we learn why some girls love horses. We [...] by

Poetry in 1968 February 22, 2013: We've been thinking about all things 1968 ever since we read David Biespiel's Poetry Wire at The Rumpus the other day. He offers an interesting challenge, as we mentioned earlier, to name the "Year of Years" in American poetry. We decided to twist the game a little and stick with 1968, searching inwardly at what the year looked like for Poetry [...] by

New to the Archive February 20, 2013: We have a few new items of special note that have recently been added to our online archive. Something amazing just happened—we added slews of poems by one of our favorite sonneteers and NY School poets Ted Berrigan. Yes, you'll want to read them all! We've been slowly beefing up our offerings of poetry by Cynthia Huntington. We started [...] by

Ron Silliman Calls for Wikipoets February 15, 2013: Do you like reading long lists of fabulous poets who either made it into, were dropped from, or were wholly exclude from the Norton Anthology of Postmodern American Poetry? If that's your bag, make your way over to Silliman's blog today to read another insightful dispatch on the poetry glut. The second editions of the NAPAP is once again [...] by

New to the Archive January 29, 2013: We're usually reporting on all the great new new poetry that's dropped in our online archive. Today, we're mixing it up a bit to mention we have three oldies but goodies by Thomas Love Peacock (giving some TLC to TLP (sorry, couldn't resist)). We hope you dig this poem of unrequited love, "I Dug, Beneath the Cypress Shade," or if you're [...] by

New to the Archive January 8, 2013: Let's crack into the stacks to see what's been added to the online archive since we last checked in. Joining the archive (yes, that's a ligature pun) are a heap of poems by Forrest Gander. We like this one ("Bridge & Swimmer") in particular. We're slowly adding heft to our Robert Duncan offerings with "This Place Rumord to Have Been [...] by

New to the Archive October 23, 2012: If you haven't cracked into the online archive in a few weeks to see what's new, you're in for a real treat now. In addition to all the poems from the October issue of Poetry, marking 100 years of continuous publication, we've added poems by a number of contemporary poets. To start with, Brandon Brown debuts in the archive with a sampling [...] by