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Drew Gardner’s ‘Flarf is Life’ and Rachel Galvin’s ‘Lyric Backlash’ Respond to ‘Against Conceptualism’ at Boston Review February 12, 2014: After "Against Conceptualism," Calvin Bedient's essay that wrestles with conceptualism's neutral tone, Drew Gardner responds with flarf and affect at Boston Review and Rachel Galvin with a discussion beginning with the lyric, Oulipo, and César Vallejo, also at Boston Review. Both published today; we begin our synopsis with the beginning of [...] by

New Work in The 65th Edition of Queneau’s Exercises in Style January 18, 2013: We fondly remember having to read poet and novelist Raymond Queneau's Exercices de Style (Exercises in Style) in high school French class. Even though we knew nothing about Oulipo at the time, we quickly learned the words for cou (neck), chapeau (hat) and pardessus (jacket). We're not the only ones with a fondness for this book. Chris [...] by

Zut! George Perec interviewed in English May 12, 2011: France Culture gives us snippets of George Perec speaking with journalist Kaye Mortley just a few months before his death in 1982, with the permission of ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). "What a Man!" You can also listen to the full 29-minute interview, wherein Perec speaks about the puzzle between Roussel, Flaubert, Stendahl and [...] by

Constrain yourself: 50 years of Oulipo November 18, 2010: The 2010 Conference on Constrained Poetry promises lectures and workshops on the language of numerology, "poetical mathematics," and other startling discoveries in the in field of limitation. Conceived as a celebration of 50 years of Oulipo by UNCA Associate Professor of Math Patrick Bahls with Literature Professor Richard Chess, the conference [...] by