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Please Check Out the World and Work of Monica McClure June 21, 2013: A fantastic interview with poet Monica McClure can be read at Paperbag's blog ("this blog is an assignment"). McClure talks about Texas, personal narrative, the distinct challenges of both the former and latter re: poetrymaking, and much else. Immediately compelling: The truth is, I don’t understand the place where I grew up the way I [...] by

Captain, All Systems Are Online: Publishing in the Ether April 8, 2013: A mere six years ago, if you asked me if you could find my poems published online, I’d probably have laughed mercilessly and said hell no. I grew up with Ploughshares, Poetry, and  Poets Market 1996 strewn around the house like beacons of my latent potentialities. Plus, the 90’s website aesthetic I knew was, well, campy and unappealing. I [...] by