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Terrence Hayes Brings Etheridge Knight into Focus March 13, 2015: We can’t recommend enough tonight’s event at NYU: Terrence Hayes will deliver his Bagley Wright Lecture entitled “Three Acts of Love: ‘As You Leave Me,’ ‘Upon Your Leaving,’ [...] by

Demonstrating the Breadth of Paul Scheerbart February 11, 2015: The Paris Review Daily’s Erik Morse spoke to Josiah McElheny, the co-editor (with Christine Burgin) of Glass! Love!! Perpetual Motion!!!: A Paul Scheerbart Reader. Not heard of Paul Scheerbart [...] by

At Aperture: Poets on Photographs December 11, 2014: The Paris Review Daily points us to Aperture magazine’s winter issue, which features four poets discussing their favorite photographs in a piece called “Collectors: The Poets.” The piece [...] by

Black Lives Matter: A Roundup of Worthy Reads November 25, 2014: In the wake of the Michael Brown grand jury non-indictment, this poetry-news day is a slow one. Or is it? Some links we feel might be worth a moment of your time: 1. Audre Lorde’s [...] by

Er, the Man Behind Gertrude Stein? May 15, 2014: The Paris Review Daily’s Edward White writes about the “shaping of the legend” of Gertrude Stein through Carl Van Vechten. White writes that the historical moment that Tender [...] by

Jocelyn Spaar Translates Early Poems of Albert Cossery for Paris Review Daily December 5, 2013: “Revived at the fingers of a magician”! Where’s our flageolet: Artist, poet and translator Jocelyn Spaar, pictured above, has brought to the Paris Review Daily fore three poems by [...] by

Couple Good’uns for Gertrude Stein July 2, 2013: From Electric Lit to the Paris Review Daily, behold “the worst rejection letter ever,” from publisher Arthur C. Fifield to Gertrude Stein in 1912. Speaking of Stein, did you see this [...] by