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Patricia Spears Jones to the Rescue! March 26, 2014: Mosaic: Literary Arts of the Diaspora has a terrific profile of poet Patricia Spears Jones. Rochelle Spencer begins the piece by wondering why poets haven't responded to the Great Recession with an outpouring of verse, as they did in the aftermath of 9/11. About a month after 9/11, National Book Award recipient Lucille Clifton, in a [...] by

AWP Report (Political Poetry) April 12, 2010: This morning [4.9.10] I moderated a panel called “Writing In(to) the Age of Obama.” The purpose of the panel was two-fold: to talk about the experience of participating in a blog-turned-book project I co-edited with Arielle Greenberg and to speak about occasional poetry and political poetry. It also afforded me the opportunity to further [...] by