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Boy Writers: Paul Auster & Edgar Allan Poe January 29, 2014: Paul Auster spoke recently at the Morgan Library in New York about his life in reading Edgar Allan Poe, framing this study with what he called "boy's literature." Poe, Borges, and Thomas Pynchon all apparently fit the bill. Anne Margaret Daniel writes more about it at The Huffington Post (hint: the term is less derogatory, more in opposition [...] by

Joan Mitchell: An Installation February 8, 2013: [caption id="attachment_60686" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Joan Mitchell, August 1935.[/caption] How does one install a quadriptych painting that is eight and a half feet tall and twenty feet wide? Very carefully! This week we welcome the Poetry Foundation's newest exhibition, Joan Mitchell: At Home in Poetry. Joan Mitchell’s mother [...] by

Choose your tool: The physical experience of writing December 16, 2010: On the DMLCentral blog, John Jones takes issue with a recent Telegraph article that claims Twitter has made handwriting cool. Besides having nothing to back up the claim ("Twitter" being no more than a stand in for "social media" in general), Jones felt that pitting against each other the two forms of tools, "modern" and "ancient," sets up a false [...] by