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A Look at Ben Fama’s Mall Witch February 8, 2013: At HTMLGiant, Ben Tripp reviews the Wonder project Mall Witch, a book of poems attributed to Ben Fama but authored by Paul Legault and Andrew Durbin. However, writes Tripp: "For fans of Legault’s homespun ventriloquisms of John Ashbery and Emily Dickinson (some from Fence Books, or his latest from McSweeney’s) or Durbin’s precocious [...] by

‘Not a Simple Joke’: LARB Review of Paul Legault’s Emily Dickinson Reader October 29, 2012: At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Paul Legault's The Emily Dickinson Reader is given a proper review by Alexandra Socarides, who describes the translation project as "a joke." But a good one: That being said, Legault's is not a simple joke, and, like all complicated jokes, it addresses much more than we recognize at first. In fact, [...] by

Paul Legault at BOMBLOG: ‘More Than Just the Idea of Offending Emily Dickinson’ October 12, 2012: Our friend Paul Legault talks in-depth about his newly released book of Emily Dickinson translations, The Emily Dickinson Reader, over at BOMBLOG! Jonathan Aprea writes, "Legault’s use of standard English is a funny choice for Dickinson, and the result heightens her work to an almost painful comedy." More from their interview is below. How [...] by

Marie Claire Loves Paul Legault’s Emily Dickinson Translations August 14, 2012: Ladyrag Marie Claire of all places has high praise for Paul Legault's The Emily Dickinson Reader, which just came out from McSweeney's new poetry imprint. Back to the future: If Emily Dickinson had a Tumblr, these witty one-liners are what she'd be posting. Anthology notes: If you've never cared about poetry, you will after reading [...] by

Emily Dickinson Concentrate From Paul Legault July 16, 2012: Today, McSweeney's posted excerpts from Paul Legault's new tribute to everybody's favorite shut-in. For those of us who are too busy to read Dickinson's complete works, Legault has provided the gist of all 1,789 of her poems in a collection of brief sentences. For example: 2. Hey, really historically important people. Guess what? You’re [...] by

‘The Other’ as Endearing and More Lovely Talk from Paul Legault June 26, 2012: There's a fantastic interview over at Lambda Literary with Paul Legault, whose third collection in just a few years, The Emily Dickinson Reader, is out soon with McSweeney's. (We think you've already seen the video?) Tony Leuzzi writes of Legault's The Other Poems that "[it's] one of the most original poetry books to have emerged in years. But [...] by

Hear Paul Legault’s Translations of Emily Dickinson June 13, 2012: Check out this installment of the Huffington Post Reading Series, in which: Paul Legault translated Emily Dickinson's poems into what he calls "basic English," but I'd classify them as concise snippets of 21st century American poetry. These translations convey Dickinson's expressions, but do so using contemporary language. When we think of [...] by

Hello, Dolly: Paul Legault’s The Other Poems March 12, 2012: A review of Paul Legault's The Other Poems (Fence 2011) is just out over at THE CRITICAL FLAME. Nora Delaney gives us the basics: "The pieces in The Other Poems are rather constructed like dialogue, with characters speaking and responding to each other. Perhaps Legault's pieces — poems — are really hybrids of poetry and drama: not dramatic [...] by