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W.S. Merwin’s Johnny Appleseed Turn February 23, 2015: PBS NewsHour tracks down American poet W.S. Merwin in Hawaii, where he plants palm trees. He bought three acres of an old pineapple plantation in the ’70s, the spot where a forest of palm trees [...] by

Bay Area’s ‘Youth Speaks’ Teaches Poetry’s Power to At-Risk Teens February 25, 2014: Journalists from the Center for Investigative Reporting spent months investigating the living-conditions at several Richmond, California public housing sites. After months of research, the [...] by

Teen Poets From Detroit Featured at PBS NewsHour October 24, 2013: Teen Poets from Detroit’s InsideOut Program took center stage on this week’s episode of PBS’s NewsHour. Their story is just one of many that U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey and [...] by

Can “counterpoetry” win the war in Afghanistan? March 28, 2011: PBS NewsHour correspondent Jeffrey Brown talks to Thomas Johnson, director of the Program for Culture and Conflicts Studies at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, about the role of poetry in [...] by

Kwame Dawes reports from Haiti in poetry January 10, 2011: Minnesota Public Radio’s Bob Collins has an answer for last week’s very serious question: Does poetry matter? Collins cites Kwame Dawes and his travels to Haiti over the past year [...] by