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Bay Area’s ‘Youth Speaks’ Teaches Poetry’s Power to At-Risk Teens February 25, 2014: Journalists from the Center for Investigative Reporting spent months investigating the living-conditions at several Richmond, California public housing sites. After months of research, the journalists teamed up with teen poets from Youth Speaks, a Bay Area non-profit that aims to empower teenagers through exposure to slam, spoken word, and [...] by

Teen Poets From Detroit Featured at PBS NewsHour October 24, 2013: Teen Poets from Detroit's InsideOut Program took center stage on this week's episode of PBS's NewsHour. Their story is just one of many that U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey and NewHour Correspondent Jeffrey Brown are discovering in order to find answers to the question, "Where does poetry live?" Detroit's InsideOut, founded by poet and [...] by

Can “counterpoetry” win the war in Afghanistan? March 28, 2011: PBS NewsHour correspondent Jeffrey Brown talks to Thomas Johnson, director of the Program for Culture and Conflicts Studies at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, about the role of poetry in galvanizing support for the Taliban and what it should teach US forces. Johnson recently co-authored two studies in which he found that "'the Taliban blow us [...] by

Kwame Dawes reports from Haiti in poetry January 10, 2011: Minnesota Public Radio's Bob Collins has an answer for last week's very serious question: Does poetry matter? Collins cites Kwame Dawes and his travels to Haiti over the past year documenting the "human side" of the earthquake's effects as irrefutable evidence in poetry's favor. The PBS NewsHour, in partnership with USA Today and The [...] by