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Shelley Aiding and Abetting Meth Kingpin? July 31, 2013: Slate recently posted a quick piece noting the dramatic and poetic trailer for the final season of Breaking Bad: The idea is brilliant: Walter White (Bryan Cranston) reading Percy Bysshe Shelley’s ominous "Ozymandias" in gravelly tones. The poem echoes all the show’s big themes: the mythology of evil, the nuances of morality, the arc of [...] by

The Atlantic: Shelley Calls Poetry the Cure for Information Overload July 30, 2012: If you're feeling drowned in status updates, tweets and up-to-the-second news, Percy Bysshe Shelley has some advice for you: turn to poetry. A brief writeup on The Atlantic website presents Shelley's take on the massive volume of information available--in 1821. The poet writes: ...We want the creative faculty to imagine that which we know; [...] by