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David Buuck on Performance Poetics February 7, 2013: [caption id="attachment_60744" align="aligncenter" width="343"] First International Dada Fair, Berlin, 1920Courtesy of Hannah Hoch[/caption] We're accustomed to David Buuck's careful and critical writings on contemporary poetry, so now that's he's begun a series of posts for Jacket2 about contemporary poetry and performance, we're paying [...] by

Slam Poetry: The Difference Is You April 4, 2012: Slam poetry is a forum not a form And the difference is u -- Something living, someone alive, It’s the difference between a boulder, unmovable And being bolder, or At least moving Toward each other Because the difference is u. I am a poetry slam coach at a high school. We just finished our third year of competing in Louder Than a [...] by

Asian Vampire Sensuality and Other Problems April 5, 2011: Barbara Jane Reyes: "My question is about women of color publishing now. Why so dispersed? Why so defanged? Why so reticent, so deferential to others’ authority?" Quick answer: The body. To write the diasporic body — the race-class body — female body... is... so horrible, I can't even tell you. This sentence functions as evidence. [...] by

“A multidisciplinary feat of beauty from the heart of Montreal’s poetry scene” February 25, 2011: Disappear - from the CD To Call Out in the Night by Pharmakon MTL from Ian Ferrier on Vimeo. Art Threat talks with Montreal poet Ian Ferrier about his live improvisation with the band Pharmakon MTL and its use in the video above as part of the media artist pk langshaw's d_verse project. Adding up the collaborators, that's one poet, three [...] by

I really want to know April 2, 2010: Answer: Humanize the world. Make me feel real to myself. Make someone else (my husband?) feel special. Make way (room?) for someone else to write better poems. Connect me to the world. Occupy my time in such a way that I spend less time destroying the world. This semester I’m teaching a seminar at Columbia called “Lines and Lineage: [...] by

Caroline Bergvall’s Lingual Sculptures January 26, 2010: [audio:http://www.poetryfoundation.org/harriet/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Bergvall-Caroline-Via-20041.mp3] Caroline Bergvall is a poet and text-based artist of Norwegian and French descent working out of London. I first heard Bergvall read at Blue Stockings, a wonderfully resilient little bookstore in the Lower East Side. As discussed in my [...] by

The Cultural Workhorse October 6, 2009: Hello Harriet, glad to join the blog-o-sphere. Looking forward to spilling secrets and divinity on words-works-wonders, many thanks to Travis Nichols for inviting me to the party. That being said, my first posting starts on a sad note, but a life note all the same. Suzanne Fiol, the founder and artistic director of Issue Project Room, has died. [...] by