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PopFront Marxists Sure Can Dance February 21, 2014: PopFront inaugurates its "Marxist Mixtape" series with Allen Ginsberg's "The Ballad of the Skeletons." PopFront writes, "The goal of Marxist Mixtape is to cover individual songs from any era or genre that could constitute a contemporary popular front; that is, music that contains some progressive or leftist content, even if it’s just a blip [...] by

What would poetry sound like as curated by Philip Glass? February 28, 2011: According to The Los Angeles Times' Culture Monster blog, you'll get to find out in August when Philip Glass launches his own annual arts festival at Hidden Valley arts center near Carmel, California. The Days and Nights Festival will include poetry alongside theater, dance, film and, of course music. The as yet unannounced lineup for the poetry [...] by