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Dawn Lundy Martin to Guest Edit PEN Poetry Series! September 24, 2015: This just in: Dawn Lundy Martin will be guest editing PEN Poetry Series, starting in October. Yesterday, they posted a new poem by Martin, from “Good Stock”–check it out here. [...] by

You Call Yourself a Poet? There’s an App for That September 4, 2013: You can load up your smart phone with tons of stupid apps (see: make out with your phone for the high score, or use up your time/brain cells by holding down a button all day…). But Ali Shapiro, [...] by

‘I eat self-doubt for dessert’: Kate Lebo, Poet & Piemaker May 23, 2013: Over at the Ploughshares blog is a conversation with Seattle-area poet and pie expert Kate Lebo, who is more than expert; she’s the “proprietress (or rather, proPIEtress) of Pie School, [...] by

Some AWP Highlights from the Ploughshares Staff March 15, 2013: Turns out that some people went to AWP for the panels! The good folks at Ploughshares share their favorite moments from the festival, which include “listening to Seamus Haney[sic] and Derek [...] by