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Poem I Love: “For Julia, In the Deep Water” by John N. Morris July 9, 2009: The first real live poem I ever remember hearing aloud is "For Julia, In the Deep Water" by John N. Morris. It's about my friend Julia. Her dad was a poet, which was weird when you were a kid. If memory serves, Dr. Morris came to school and read this poem to our sixth grade class. The poem was first published in the New Yorker in 1976 and later in [...] by

Poem I Love: “You, Therefore” by Reginald Shepherd June 25, 2009: I knew Reginald ages ago in Iowa City. As my mother'd say (hi Mom!), he was quite a character. In this poem and in others, I admire his use of assonance, alliteration, internal near rhyme and...botany. In his first book, Some Are Drowning, doesn't he use the names of flowers to describe Kaposi's sarcoma blossoming on someone's skin? You, [...] by