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Time February 27, 2014: In a recent diary entry, I made a brief note I don’t entirely understand. It is as follows: Desire counterfeits time, is the voice of narration, of narrative (=promised emancipation). Here I might also write, “All culminating in the image of a dwelling: It indicates a secret life. Since all of writing is devoted to the question of [...] by

Email February 24, 2014: I have been traveling for the past week, and during this week I happened to have a conversation that made me consider something that I had previously not considered. I am used to thinking that the category, “literature,” is by now too broad or impossibly narrow; that it’s part of a publishing-industry fantasy, basically (not sure on whom [...] by

Misrecognition February 21, 2014: Sometimes I misread. And sometimes: words. When I was seven, in school, once a girl ran up to me and pulled me into a neighboring room, saying, “Someone wrote your name on the board.” Why, she wanted to know, did I think that someone would want to write my name on the board. I went into the room with her (was pulled) and saw the board. [...] by

Novelty February 17, 2014: Having so far posted three (very) short essays in this space, I have come to a juncture at which—as I remarked in a cab that was hurtling up the BQE at 1am last night—I don’t know what I have done and do not know what I am going to do. Why write to you here in the manner I have apparently chosen, about a subject that is, 1., far from [...] by

Pleasure February 13, 2014: I have never known what to do with it. I have never known what to say about it. I once said to someone (who was my academic advisor at the time) that it is one thing that is different for everyone. When I’ve made the most sense, I have usually said something about how it is frequently hidden. It is also (as I might, too, have said to my [...] by

History February 10, 2014: I now think of celebrity in America as a form of historical painting. One of the reasons we have traditionally needed the famous is so that their acts (a.k.a., “deeds”) might become events. The contemporary celebrity is an image-based entity, of course; it consists less of action than of visual material made at once experiential and [...] by

How I Write Now February 4, 2014: I learned how to write in the following way: I was taught to select the most accurate word to describe a given action, object. I was taught to value precision, to seek out accuracy. It is for want of this sort of precision, for example, that novelist Francine Prose takes novelist Donna Tartt to task in a recent piece in the New York Review of [...] by

Vijay Iyer and Mike Ladd : The Hypermeter of collaboration December 9, 2013: [caption id="attachment_78191" align="alignright" width="500"] Holding It Down Ensemble, Harlem Stage, 2012. Photo credit: Vijay Iyer[/caption] It was shortly after the poet Sabah As-Sabah passed.  I did not know the man personally but for those who knew him and his work, his departure touched everyone.  He was a Black man. A Gay man.  He [...] by

The Text Festival (Part 2) April 27, 2011: The Text Festival begins on Apr 29 at the Bury Art Gallery, just outside of Manchester. The festival features artworks produced by poets, in an effort to showcase a potential encounter between the use of language in poetic practice and the use of language in visual artistry. Critics have recurrently argued that poetry verges on retinal [...] by

The Text Festival (Part 1) April 19, 2011: Tony Trehy (the author of 50 Heads) is curating the Text Festival, an exhibition that opens at the Bury Art Gallery in Manchester (UK) on April 29, during the weekend of the Royal Wedding. Tony Trehy has managed this festival three times since 2005, doing so in order to stage an encounter between the culture of poetic practice and the culture [...] by