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Roll Over Ezra: Musical Adventures with a Literary Band April 30, 2013: In January, I released two audio chapbooks; Asking for the Moon (Red Glass Books) and Book of Hooks (Kattywompus Press). Both books have CD’s with songs; Book of Hooks is a double CD. There’s around 36 songs between the three disks, with songs that go back as far the early ‘80’s. Thanks to the tech moment we are all living in, most of [...] by

Poetry and Narrative in Performance, part II October 31, 2009: (note: this is part II of a 1996 letter from the late Doug Oliver on his book Poetry and Narrative in Performance) So we can say: “The ‘neutral’ or ‘unmarked’ tune is that which the words would assume for an average voice in a given dialect when no special emphasis is given to the line, providing there were absolute agreement between [...] by

Poetry and Narrative in Performance, part I October 30, 2009: I remembered recently the existence of a letter my stepfather, the British poet and novelist Douglas Oliver, wrote me thirteen years ago to explain, on my request, the series of experiments he conducted in his study of prosody and voicing, Poetry and Narrative in Performance. The book was published in 1989, and I think the recordings that he [...] by