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Trip & Return at Printers Ball 2013! June 19, 2013: We're counting down the days (hours, minutes!) to July 27th at noon-sharp when Printers Ball 2013 launches. This year the event will be an all-day affair at Spudnik Press, and it'll host readings, demos, and other treats pulled together from across the country. From the press release: Spudnik Press Cooperative announces: Printers [...] by

Print Loves Digital May 21, 2010: Follow the Printer's Ball on Facebook: Founded by Poetry magazine with other independent Chicago literary organizations, the Printers’ Ball is an annual celebration of print culture, featuring thousands of magazines, books, and broadsides available free of charge; live readings and music; letterpress, offset, and paper-making [...] by

The Printers’ Ball: July 31, 2009 July 28, 2009: Get ready for the fifth annual Printers' Ball, the completely free, open-to-the-public print festival taking place this coming weekend. What is The Printers' Ball, you ask? Officially, The Printers’ Ball is "one of the largest celebrations of print culture in the country," which in my fantasy includes people wandering around wearing [...] by