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Craig Morgan Teicher on the State of AWP & the ‘American Creative-Writing Community’ May 10, 2016: Craig Morgan Teicher writes at Publisher’s Weekly about the state of the American creative-writing community, as far as it is seen through recent frustrations expressed at this year’s [...] by

Anselm Berrigan’s Come In Alone Reviewed at Publisher’s Weekly April 20, 2016: Anselm Berrigan’s newest book, Come In Alone (Wave Books, 2016), is reviewed at Publisher’s Weekly. As they tend to be at PW, this review is to the point, but with such brevity still [...] by

Publishers Weekly AWP Re-cap: Book Tables, Panels, Marriage Proposals and More April 8, 2016: We’ve posted on this a bit already, but just in case you were still wondered what did happen this last weekend at the nation’s largest writers and publishers conference, Publishers [...] by

Fit of Pleasure: Sara Jane Stoner’s Experience in the Medium of Destruction December 22, 2015: At The Diagram issue 15.2, a review of Sara Jane Stoner’s Experience in the Medium of Destruction (Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs, 2015)! A great book which deserved more attention this year [...] by

Langston Hughes: Poems, Photos, and Notebooks from Turkestan Reviewed at Publishers Weekly November 5, 2015: Publishers Weekly just reviewed Langston Hughes: Poems, Photos, and Notebooks from Turkestan, edited by Zohra Saed for CUNY’s Lost & Found Series V (which also featured Kathy Acker, [...] by

Landscapes on a Train Reviewed at Publishers Weekly October 26, 2015: Cole Swensen’s newest, Landscapes on a Train (Nightboat Books, 2015), is reviewed at Publishers Weekly! “The title is quite literal: each of the book’s 57 poems depict, in just a [...] by

Starred Review at Publisher’s Weekly for Supplication: Selected Poems of John Wieners September 21, 2015: Very nice: Publisher’s Weekly gives a starred review to Supplication: Selected Poems of John Wieners, just published by Wave Books and edited by Robert Dewhurst, Joshua Beckman, and C. A. [...] by

The Gist of the Most Recent AWP Commotion August 28, 2015: Publisher’s Weekly sums up the ruckus surrounding accusations leveled at AWP this week, after a piece at Huffington Post by Kate Gale–Managing Editor of Red Hen Press and one of 18 [...] by

Humor & Revelation: Publisher’s Weekly Reviews Rebecca Wolff’s One Morning– August 19, 2015: Rebecca Wolff‘s new collection of poetry, One Morning–, is out from Wave Books, and has just received a review in Publisher’s Weekly that we must point you to: “Not quite [...] by

Publishers Weekly Picks Ten Best Novels by Poets August 10, 2015: At Publisher’s Weekly, writer Naja Marie Aidt lines up “10 best novels by poets,” and it’s not what you’d think (no New York School writer in the bunch!); instead, an [...] by