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Recombinatory Enumerations April 2, 2014: I was delighted, if a bit apprehensive, when invited to blog for Harriet during Poetry Month this April. I don’t really think of myself as a blogger. In fact, not at all. I’m a fairly slow writer, working in stops and starts, and a lot of the time I’m working on someone else’s writing—as an editor, publisher, amateur archivist, and [...] by

Publishing Zen December 20, 2013: Relax! Don't panic! David L. Ulin at the Los Angeles Times says that the publishing industry crisis is nearly over! Toward the end of September, I found myself in a meeting room at Brooklyn Borough Hall in New York with planners from a variety of book fairs (Miami, Trinidad, Texas, Australia) discussing audience and cooperation and [...] by

A Little Legal Advice for Self-publishers December 28, 2012: Bernard Starr at Huffpo is dishing some jurisprudence for those of you who are self-publishers. For poets, there's a darn good chance you are! Starr gives it straight: If you self-publish, you are the publisher and thus assume all the legal responsibilities. At first this might seem frightening. But it doesn't have to be, as I discovered in [...] by

Response Burger: A Story of Rejection April 25, 2011: When I first moved to New York to go to NYU graduate school, I wrote a lot about laundry lines and sadness. I was a typical graduate student. Poor. Hungover. And staring out the window a lot, saucer-eyed and scared. I wanted to make great poems and I wanted to make my rent. I wanted to fall in love, and also (sometimes seemingly more than any of [...] by

Cigarettes for Non-Smokers May 25, 2010: Via The Book Bench: Earlier this month, the Hamburg-based publisher Automatenverlag unveiled some re-tooled cigarette dispensers that have been transformed into vending machines stocked with wholesome offerings in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Back in February, Tank Books started selling classic stories and novellas packaged in [...] by