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Ilya Kaminsky on Rae Armantrout’s Channeling of Voices March 10, 2014: Ilya Kaminsky writes about Rae Armantrout for the Boston Review blog today. Kaminsky makes the distinction between the poet as “bard and storyteller—one who who sings” and other sorts, [...] by

Reading List: December 2013 December 11, 2013: The Reading List is a new feature of the Editors’ Blog this year. Each month we ask Poetry’s contributors to share a book—or several—that held their interest recently. Here are some [...] by

Catherine Wagner & Rae Armantrout Talk Shop August 12, 2013: Catherine Wagner interviewed Rae Armantrout for Poetryeater: “Whatever their surface differences in sensibility, Wagner’s curiousity and vim for the watch-fine mechanics of Armantrout’s [...] by

Lemon Hound Announces First Poetry Contest, Judge None Other Than Rae Armantrout July 1, 2013: Well if the headline didn’t get you, the body copy might. We’ve long been fans of Lemon Hound, so this is great news. Should provide for some interesting results, too: LEMON HOUND wants [...] by

Just Saying: On Rae Armantrout’s Latest Book April 18, 2013: 1. I opened Just Saying for the first time to the second poem, “Instead.” I was immediately struck by the first section, which reads: To each his own severance package. The Inca hacked large [...] by

Reading List: March 2013 March 28, 2013: Rae Armantrout I’ve just received a copy of the new Postmodern American Poetry: a Norton Anthology, edited by Paul Hoover. I’ve been enjoying the good selections of some of my favorite [...] by

The Believer Interview with Rae Armantrout October 5, 2012: At The Believer Logger: an interview with Rae Armantrout! It’s Ali Liebegott’s fifth stop (we covered a coupla others here and here). They start with a very important topic: BLVR: Can you [...] by

“It’s a city without charisma”: Rae Armantrout on San Diego September 10, 2012: Rae Armantrout wrote this essay for Newsweek about her home town of San Diego, which she isn’t all that fond of. She writes: I might even be able to give San Diego a kind of backhanded [...] by

A Short Stroll Through Rae Armantrout’s Record Collection June 1, 2012: Coldfront’s always enjoyable Poets Off Poetry features Rae Armantrout reflecting on a number of her popular music loves, including Dylan, Adele, The Decemberists, Leonard Cohen and more. Here [...] by

Poets on Politics at PSA Include Zapruder, Armantrout, & Kearney February 28, 2012: As part of a new national series called Red, White, & Blue: Poets on Politics, the Poetry Society of America “is working to recognize and understand the world of change we will all face [...] by