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Poetry Crush Presents: Every Day is Valentine’s! February 12, 2014: Poetry Crush's sweethearts have culled together a quite lovely collection of good tidings for the biggest of hearts this Valentine's Day. Volume I includes poems by Shane McCrae, Hannah Gamble, Paige Taggart, Amy Lawless, Todd Colby, Joanna Penn Cooper, Douglas Piccinnini, Jared White, Melissa Broder, Rauan Klassnik, Rena Mosteirin, Lee Ann [...] by

Shin Yu Pai’s Telescopic Aux Arcs August 2, 2013: Rauan Klassnik interviews Shin Yu Pai for the fifth round of the Seattle Author Spotlight at HTMLGIANT. The two discuss her new book, Aux Arcs (La Alameda Press 2013), as well as the effects a city, other writers, and visual art (she's also a photographer) might have on her work. There's also some good sampling. Morsel: RK: Do you have [...] by

Quick and to the Gums: Blake Butler on Rauan Klassnik January 21, 2013: Over at VICE, Blake Butler reviews the new collection of poetry from Rauan Klassnik, saying, at first, "He seems like someone you’d find lingering out behind a porno bookstore in a jacket and hat, creeping around the dumpsters." And yet!! Klassnik's book, The Moon's Jaw (Black Ocean), "shifts continually between horny and cruel tones, [...] by