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Goodreads Awards Announced December 6, 2012: Mary Oliver took the poetry crown, with Michael Robbins and Rebecca Lindenberg taking second and third. See the vote breakdown here. by

“If I could write a map of the world the size of the world, I would feel great about it.” An Interview with Rebecca Lindenberg March 27, 2012: Just last week Rebecca Lindenberg's debut book from McSweeney's got a brief review in Vanity Fair. This week, she takes part in an interview with McSweeney's Poetry Series editors Dominic Luxford and Jesse Nathan. We begin with the genesis of Love, an Index, which began before the tragic loss of Craig Arnold. McSWEENEY’S: Can you [...] by

Rebecca Lindenberg’s Love, An Index Reviewed in Vanity Fair March 22, 2012: Rebecca Lindenberg, partner of now, sadly, deceased poet Craig Arnold, wrote Love, An Inedex in remembrance of Arnold and their relationship together. Here it gets a brief appreciation in the Vanity Fair column "Just My Type", by Elissa Schappell. Make the jump. by