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The Winter of Our Disco Tent April 18, 2014: “...the terrible and noteworthy irony...”—H.H. Bancroft. New York City during the war years was, unless you were eating sushi with the Simics, a dark and horrible place. It was as if someone had loaded a leaf blower with copy toner and gone postal. Some of it got onto the 9-pound models’ eyes and they didn’t even blink. The [...] by

Rene Ricard at PennSound February 12, 2014: We're in debt to our friends at PennSound for posting video of Rene Ricard reading on Public Access Poetry on December 1, 1977. Ricard passed away on February 1st. PennSound writes to introduce the video: A multifarious talent whose career evolved in several phases, Ricard got his start as a member of Warhol's factory, appearing in [...] by

Rest in Peace, Rene Ricard (1946-2014) February 3, 2014: Rene Ricard has died. The Warhol Factory Member, film star, artist, and poet, passed away at Bellevue Hospital this weekend, taken by cancer. From GalleristNY-- Rene Ricard, the Massachussets-born artist and poet who was a fixture of New York’s art world since he arrived in 1965, has died. He passed away early this morning in Bellevue [...] by

Kevin Killian on Rene Ricard, Monstre Sacre, in San Francisco November 27, 2012: Kevin Killian writes for SFMOMA's Open Space about New York poet and artist Rene Ricard ("a semi-secret hero of American art and culture," as VICE wrote about him last year); the idea is to bring Ricard's work to a San Francisco audience, which the Highlight Gallery has done with its new show New Paintings. Oh and btw, if you live in Brooklyn [...] by