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‘The Sentence as Space for Living’: Renee Gladman Lectures at Berkeley March 19, 2014: Bay Area folks! Get yourself to the east bay via a Richmond-bound BART and listen to Renee Gladman deliver the Leslie Scalapino Lecture in Innovative Poetics at UC Berkeley. It's tomorrow, it's a 6:30. Go! And stay in touch here with all things Leslie Scalapino. by

Amina Cain & Renee Gladman Talk in Slow Arresting Images at BOMB November 25, 2013: BOMB has Renee Gladman and Amina Cain in discussion over "not only ... their new books, but about language as a stage, the dreams books have, landscape painting, and stories as cluttered tables." The two writers are also in conjunction in book form, with Gladman's Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge (the third book in her Ravicka series) and Cain's [...] by

Dennis Cooper Hearts Renee Gladman & the Blur of Genre November 22, 2013: Once you get past the adults-only warning, you'll find that Dennis Cooper has presented the work of Renee Gladman, in addition to writers Eugene Lim and Heiko Julien. Helpfully quoting Gladman from Triple Canopy: I came up through poetry, but I am a sentence writer. I don’t know if it’s so much creating narratives as narrative [...] by

New at Triple Canopy: Lucy Ives Interviews Renee Gladman + An OWS Call and Response February 2, 2012: Fresh off their Stein-a-thon (which, we can attest, was a serious, spirited, and well-attended event), Triple Canopy has posted some great great reads to cure these mid-week doldrums. First up, poet and TC editor Lucy Ives interviews one of our favorite poetic narrativistes, Renee Gladman, about "essays, ditties, half words, partial masks, and [...] by

More Internal Data October 11, 2009: Barbara’s comment-response to Terreson’s question as to her own ideas and way about poetry – that her choices of subject in her blog posts are reflective of her overall interests and commitments to and within writing, if I’m hearing her right – has me recalling my first foray into reading John Ashbery’s art writings collected in [...] by