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Programming a Prose Machine Like a Poem Machine: Rhizome Reviews Tristano February 13, 2014: This month, Verso Books published the "love story with infinite possibilities," Nanni Balestrini's 1966 novel Tristano, inspired by the legend of Tristan and Isolde. No copy is like another, as "each of the 10,000 copies ... contain different iterations of the same text." "When composing Tristano, Balestrini used a computer algorithm to [...] by

Rhizome Profiles Poet Steve Roggenbuck October 28, 2013: Just up at Rhizome: Steve Roggenbuck, an internet bard at last. The latest in a series of interviews with artists "who have developed a significant body of work engaged (in its process, or in the issues it raises) with technology," this piece has Roggenbuck talking to Laura Davidson about social media, motivational speaking, success [...] by

Commoning part II January 26, 2010: I am still wrapping my head around what happened at Lower Manhattan Cultural Counsel this past weekend. Clearly, it was one of those conversations that needed to happen because everyone had something to say about the topic of "commons." In attendance were no less than twenty people, many of whom participated in the discussion including Alan [...] by