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Interview: Writing the Great Richard Brautigan Biography August 9, 2012: Speaking of Richard Brautigan... Over at Guernica, there's a really nice interview with Wiliam Hjortsberg, author of the new, 852-page biography of him. Both the interviewer, journalist Mark Dowie, and the author were personally acquainted with Brautigan. Have a listen here. by

Richard Brautigan August 9, 2012: Jubilee Hitchhiker, the big biography of Richard Brautigan was published last April by Counterpoint Press, in Berkeley. William Hjortsberg, the author and a novelist himself, is also a character in the narrative, referring to himself in the third person. The biography covers the beginning of Richard's life in Tacoma, Washington, and up to and [...] by

Richard Brautigan’s Seed Packet Poems July 9, 2012: Michelle Dean has been exercising her green thumb over at The Rumpus. Dean says, "I have been trying, and mostly failing, to grow wildflowers in my rocky, slug-filled backyard here in Queens. I am not a gardener; I’m indifferent to everything below cats on the food chain, as a general rule." Even if flowers aren't sprouting, at least she's [...] by

New Richard Brautigan Bio Almost 900 Pages March 13, 2012: Oh goodness. The new, long-awaited Richard Brautigan biography, Jubilee Hitchhiker, written by novelist and screenwriter William Hjortsberg, weighs in at 880 pages. Published by Counterpoint, it's to be released in April. More from Oregon Live on the publication: Hjortsberg, who admits to a complicated relationship with his subject and [...] by