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The Aesthetic Tensions in Kent Johnson’s A Question Mark Above the Sun December 10, 2012: Over at The New Republic is a review of Kent Johnson's new book, A Question Mark Above the Sun (1st ed., Punch Press; 2nd ed., Starcherone Books) which aims to illuminate "the mystery behind Frank O'Hara's most famous poem." That's "A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island," unearthed by Kenneth Koch at an O'Hara memorial reading; [...] by

Some Rod Smith for Election Day November 6, 2012: Damn the Caesars posts a poem from Rod Smith's excellent book Deed (University of Iowa Press 2007) for Election Day. Rich Owens writes that Deed "arrived in 2007 as a lucid confirmation that Blackwater Security Consulting was not an ideal employer to work for, even if they were the only game in town, i.e. [Smith's poem] 'The Narrative [...] by

How Do Queer Marxists Propagate? Rich Owens on Samuel Solomon’s Life of Riley October 23, 2012: Richard Owens reviews Samuel Solomon's Life of Riley (Bad Press 2012) over at Damn the Caesars, reading it through Yeats's "Introduction," "the 1937 prefatory note composed for an edition of his complete works that never appeared." Struck by the claim, "A poet is justified not by the expression of himself, but by the public he finds or [...] by

As Editor of Broom, Lola Ridge Objected to Stein: “A bladder blown up by many breaths” May 23, 2012: Yesterday we got deeper into Ernest Hemingway's salty annotation of the "Lady Poets," one of whom, "the nearest prototype in her time of the proletarian poet of class conflict," is Lola Ridge. Ridge has had more longevity than most of those women--Factory School republished her book The Ghetto in 2006. It was already pretty much [...] by