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Rigoberto González on Three Poetry Contests that Seek to Remedy May 17, 2013: [caption id="attachment_67691" align="alignright" width="500"] Rigoberto González[/caption] The Los Angeles Review of Books has Rigoberto González discussing the merits of the poetry contest within the context of a more diverse literary landscape--the winners of three contests in particular serve "as antidotes to the underrepresentation of [...] by

Literary Activism and Practicing Generosity April 6, 2011: Thank you Rigoberto González for the shout out, and for your recent post! I would also love to say a few things about "po-biz" work, riffing off that post. One of the last times I saw Rigoberto was at CantoMundo in Albuquerque. Though I’m not a Latino poet, I’d tagged along with my husband Oscar Bermeo, who was one of the program’s [...] by

Questions for Poetry I April 2, 2011: In the 22nd century, what will the line look like and do?  Will the line continue to have its traditional roots ("traditional" not meaning middle road but rather a haunting presence of what the line has been in the past centuries however shaky and nonsequential)?  Will the line of Williams (short, aware of its breath both at beginning and end) [...] by