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Marjorie Perloff’s Recent Talk on Paul Celan at University of Chicago May 21, 2013: At his Samizdat blog, Robert Archambeau reflects on Marjorie Perloff's recent talk on Paul Celan at the University of Chicago's new Logan Center (and he quite admired it): We tend to see Celan almost exclusively in the context of Holocaust writing, with John Felstiner's Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew as the great explanatory text. [...] by

A Materialist Among the Mystics: Robert Archambeau on Barrett Watten, the New Gnostics, & the Louisville Conference February 26, 2013: Have you been reading the Samizdat Blog? On Sunday, its host Robert Archambeau posted "'Where's It Coming From?': Barrett Watten, Robert Duncan, and the New Gnosticism in Poetry," a report on the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900 and the "double-barreled pair of sessions on the New Gnosticism in American Poetry." [...] by

RIP Anselm Hollo January 29, 2013: We are very sorry to hear the sad news today of Anselm Hollo's passing. We reported recently that he was recovering from post-operative pneumonia and in the care of his family. Robert Archambeau offers a brief remembrance at his blog Samizdat: I am very sad to have heard from Mark Johnson that Anselm Hollo died this morning. give up [...] by

Archambeau Sums Up the Perloff Symposium December 7, 2012: We reported on the recent Boston Review symposium responding to Marjorie Perloff's essay "Poets on the Brink." With so many remarkable contributors it's difficult to get an overview of the whole affair. But now we have Bob Archambeau to thank for providing one! At Samizdat Blog, Archambeau writes: Experimental vs. formalist; formalist [...] by

Archambeau Gets Bohemian August 30, 2012: [caption id="attachment_52716" align="alignright" width="500" caption="Portrait of Laforgue, 1885"][/caption] Over at Samizdat Blog, Robert Archambeau rips a little Bohemian Rhapsody. No, we're not talking about Freddy Mercury and Brian May—we're talking Jules Laforgue and Roberto Bolaño! Archambeau delivers this taste from the latest issue [...] by