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Is It Work? April 15, 2014: A neighbor famously called Robert Frost the laziest man in the world, not just because he sat on the porch all day staring at nature like it was television, but also because he was constantly falling asleep in snowdrifts in the woods and letting hired men die poetically on his hearth instead of calling an ambulance to come pick them up. "He [...] by

A Second Look at Robert Frost February 5, 2014: It's getting mighty frosty over at the New York Times today. Yeah, we went there! Jennifer Schuessler takes a look at the life of Robert Frost in light of the forthcoming publication of the first volume of his letters aptly titled The Letters of Robert Frost. To bring you up to speed on perceptions of Frost as poet and as person, Schuessler [...] by

Twenty-Two Poem Hacks November 4, 2013: I’m really excited to be blogging for Harriet this month. I’ll be writing about translation, Latina poets, ekphrasis, mixtapes, collaboration, and Peyton Place. But I thought I’d start off by sharing a list I use with my students that’s based on little intentional copyediting strategies I often use to re-enter a poem, especially if [...] by

Joyce Carol Oates Maligns Robert Frost in Nov. Harper’s October 31, 2013: "Poetry . . . not in the business of believing." The New Republic's Alice Robb gets real with Joyce Carol Oates, taking the novelist to task for her portrayal of Robert Frost in a story called "Lovely, Dark, Deep," in this month's issue of Harper's. Oates "imagines a meeting between an aspiring writer and an aging Frost, [and] paints the [...] by

Crime Files: The Robert Frost Edition October 2, 2013: In case you were thinking of pilfering some Robert Frost letters and Christmas cards, think again. Such thievery will get you a fine of not $1, not $10, but a $100! This is according to the HuffPo: A Vermont man charged with stealing original cards and letters written by poet Robert Frost has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in a [...] by

Party By The Frost Bust! August 26, 2013: Woops! Uh... what we meant to say is: "Reverential One-Year Celebration By The Frost Bust!" The Wichita Eagle reports that Friday marks the one-year anniversary that a bust honoring the poet, Robert Frost, which was stolen from campus in 1987—was finally returned to campus—courtesy of the Wichita State University Police Force. Mitchel [...] by

Robert Frost and the Criminally Sardonic August 20, 2013: Slate recently noted a scene from Orange Is the New Black that had every poetry and Robert Frost fan smiling: In “Blood Donut,” the seventh episode of Orange Is the New Black, Taystee Jefferson (Danielle Brooks) makes a passing reference to "the road less traveled," [she was, of course, referring to "The Road Not Taken”] prompting [...] by

Robert Frost’s “‘Out, Out–’” April 29, 2013: Re-reading Robert Frost's "'Out, Out—'" for the first time in a long while, I expected it to exhibit at least some kind of craft-smartness and metrical subtlety. But what an off-putting, stilted poem! The buzz saw snarled and rattled in the yard And made dust and dropped stove-length sticks of wood, Sweet-scented stuff when the breeze [...] by

Why I Am Not a Nature Poet April 4, 2013: [caption id="attachment_64133" align="alignright" width="500"] Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet.[/caption] A few years ago I left Brooklyn, my home for almost fifteen years, and moved to the country in upstate New York. Accustomed to a small apartment and to being pressed up against by people and buildings, I was astonished to be the sudden [...] by

Don’t Get Frosted, Wear Sunglasses… January 18, 2013: That's a nugget of advice to Richard Blanco, served up by David Ward at the Smithsonian as he meditates on the role of poetry in the presidential inauguration. Much skepticism exists about the role of poetry in such a public spectacle—can this marginal art rise to the occasion?, can the poem escape the orbit of propaganda?, can the poem [...] by