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A Visit to Robert Frost’s Vermont Home October 17, 2012: Andrew Burmon wrote this HuffPo piece, with photos, about a trip he took to Robert Frost's home in Vermont. He writes: Come to Vermont, Frost seems to say. We'll all do nothing together. The invitation is awfully appealing, especially in fall when the light filters through yellow leaves, turning the forest sepia. Route 7A, which [...] by

Settling the Issue of Doubleness in Robert Frost June 14, 2012: New York Mag Vulture writer Kathryn Schulz reflects on The Art of Robert Frost (Yale University Press 2012), by British professor Tim Kendall ("In the annals of Frostiana [and they are vast], Kendall’s book is an unusual hybrid, part anthology, part critical study: 65 poems with two or three pages of understated, illuminating commentary [...] by

Robert Frost’s “Dedication” to Kennedy, 50 years later January 21, 2011: The Boston Globe's Alan Wirzbicki has published the full text of Robert Frost's "Dedication," the poem he wrote for John F. Kennedy's 1961 inauguration. Frost never read the poem that day, instead reciting "The Gift Outright" when the combination of sun and snow proved too bright for reading the words on the page. In a ceremony today, Rep. Daniel [...] by

Does poetry need its own Glee? January 13, 2011: On The Moderate Voice, Michael Silverstein proposes an unusual solution to restoring the place of poetry in civic discourse. The problem isn't with poetry itself, rather the medium for delivering it to the masses. Silverstein has had it with the Op Ed pages of newspapers which are now as overrun with "spin doctoring" and "hype" as any other [...] by