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It’s On! Dear Elizabeth Opens This Weekend at Berkeley Rep. May 29, 2013: That's right! Acclaimed playwright Sarah Ruhl's newest play opens this weekend at Berkeley Repertory Theatre and it's based on the three-decades-long letter correspondences between poets, Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell. As Berkeley Repertory Theatre states on its website: Sarah Ruhl and Les Waters, acclaimed collaborators who [...] by

Jeffrey Yang Leads Us into the Abyss March 20, 2013: [caption id="attachment_62944" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Yves Klein in the Void Room (Raum der Leere), Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, January 1961.[/caption] “I used to keep a list of books in which ‘the abyss’ appeared — the [...] by

Robert Lowell and Flannery O’Connor, a Love Story March 5, 2013: Carlene Bauer's latest novel imagines the what-coulda-been love story between Robert Lowell and Flannery O'Connor. Though the two were indeed penpals, their epistolary relationship never developed into a full-on tryst. Over at the New York Times, Claudia La Rocco reviews the book: “Flannery, I love you very much,” the poet Robert [...] by

From the Archives of Frieze: Ashbery Interview February 8, 2013: This week, we're all about archives--see our recent post on a Bob Perelman feature from the archives of Jacket. We've only just begun to peruse the archives of Frieze, and already we've come upon a new-to-us 2004 interview with John Ashbery. Craig Burnett, the interviewer, introduces the exchange by describing his first encounter with [...] by

Robert Lowell Reading in 1957 September 17, 2012: Another gem from Silliman's blog. Head on over and hear Robert Lowell reading at San Francisco State University in 1957. Happy Monday! by

REPENT! NYRB On Why We Write Poems About the Apocalypse August 27, 2012: Malise Ruthven's latest for The New York Review of Books wonders at the power of contemplating an apocalypse, religiously, politically, and poetically. He opens with a Robert Lowell's poem, "Fall, 1961," and Thomas Merton's "Figures for an Apocalypse," saying: The idea of impending doom, whether divinely ordained or inferred by creative [...] by

Don’t Wax the Poem April 1, 2010: Maybe all poets are nerds or they wouldn’t be poets. But not all poets write nerdy. Some are suave, which can be a good thing. Some are elegant in an elegant way. Nerds can be elegant in a backwards way, by retaining their bumps and inelegances, bumptious idiosyncrasies, a being-in-life at least as much as in-literature. There’s plenty to [...] by