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Vijay Iyer and Mike Ladd : The Hypermeter of collaboration December 9, 2013: [caption id="attachment_78191" align="alignright" width="500"] Holding It Down Ensemble, Harlem Stage, 2012. Photo credit: Vijay Iyer[/caption] It was shortly after the poet Sabah As-Sabah passed.  I did not know the man personally but for those who knew him and his work, his departure touched everyone.  He was a Black man. A Gay man.  He [...] by

Poe and Bishop Appear at Pinsky’s Poetry Forum Today October 23, 2013: We're thrilled to see Robert Pinsky's Poetry Forum continuing on after we hosted a series of "Open Door" pieces last month, penned by the former PLOTUS himself. Those pieces discussing Stevie Smith's "Thoughts on the Person from Porlock," Edwin Arlington Robinson's "Eros Turannos," Louise Bogan's "Women," and Sylvia Path's "Nick and the [...] by

Welcoming Robert Pinsky September 3, 2013: Every Wednesday in the month of September we'll be posting short "Open Door" pieces by Robert Pinsky with the hope of generating discussion around a particular poem. Tune in tomorrow at 11:00AM (CST) to read Robert's post, then head over to Facebook where Robert will be moderating the discussion. To give you a head start, you may want to drop [...] by

Robert Pinsky + Stephen Colbert Are Totally Going to Prom, You Guys May 9, 2013: Ladies and germs! Prom season is upon us! If you're looking for that prom proposal "to land you the date of your dreams," look no further than this segment from The Colbert Report, in which Stephen Colbert welcomes former U.S. Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky, to present his very special "prom-posal." The Colbert Report Get More: [...] by

Robert Pinsky Considers Plainness in Light of Anne Bradstreet August 22, 2012: Robert Pinsky looks at the first published female American poet Anne Bradstreet for his most recent Slate column. Initially, Pinsky writes about simplicity: "Sometimes, the most plain surfaces demand mastering the most extreme nuances. In a building or a garment, sometimes ornament and elaboration can conceal imperfect seams. Simplicity can [...] by

Robert Pinsky Discusses Ben Jonson’s Speaker at Slate July 17, 2012: Slate posted a nice bit of poetry criticism by Robert Pinsky today. Using poems by Walt Whitman and Elizabeth Bishop as launchpads, Pinsky dives in to Ben Jonson's "On My First Son" to bring out the virtues of the poet as speaker: I'm moved by Jonson's “On My First Son” in what might be called a personal way: The first-person [...] by

The Ever-Evolving Mr. Pinsky June 28, 2012: Praising his constant search for stronger language, The Nation looks back at former poet laureate Robert Pinsky's career. Jeremy Bass notes the change in Pinsky's methods from publication to publication, from the "unhurried iambic pentameter" in his first book, Sadness and Happiness, to the "strange syllable-sounds" in Gulf Music. Far [...] by

lost poets and found poetry in washington, d.c. November 24, 2009: [caption id="attachment_6519" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="                                         "][/caption] (Photo Credit: Thomas Sayers Ellis) I’m good at getting lost. A few years ago, living in a French town so small even its residents had barely heard of it, I lost my way at least once a week. I was [...] by