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Robin Blaser and the Recovery of the Public World February 18, 2013: The good folks at Simon Fraser University's Bennett Library were kind enough to share audio from their special collections archive of Robin Blaser reading at “The Recovery of the Public World” conference in 1995. We made the kindly-lent audio into the latest installment of our Poetry Lectures series. The podcast is a wonderful interweaving [...] by

Stan Persky Reviews Eminent Outlaws at LARB May 17, 2012: Stan Persky reviews Christopher Bram's Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America at the Los Angeles Review of Books. Persky begins the review by focusing on Bram's "bold declaration that 'the gay revolution began as a literary revolution,'": A revolution sparked by mere words? After all, as gay poet W.H. Auden put it, "Poetry [...] by

Steel Nests, pt. II October 26, 2009: Some further thoughts coming out of Alison Collins’ series of nests: The show began with one hundred nests, but I think there were closer to eighty by the time the show closed. Collins was, as I understand it, giving them away here or there, perhaps selling a few. There were neither prices nor even a catalog of any kind at the [...] by