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Animals vs. Normandy Sherwood, Steve Zultanski Is a Metamodernist, Ron Silliman Reveals All, & MORE at Huffington Post March 7, 2014: OK! We HEART these picks from Seth Abramson's recent Huffington Post review roundup--especially the much-deserved nod to playwright/performer/costumer Normandy Sherwood's Animals vs. Furniture, illustrated by artist and performer Jesse Hawley, many years in the works, and finally out in trade edition. Also: A new book by Ron Silliman is in the [...] by

Poets! The City of Philadelphia Needs You! September 5, 2013: Or, at least one of you to fill the position of poet laureate. The application process is now open until 11:59pm on September 30, 2013. A little about the position: The City of Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy (OACCE) is seeking the city’s next Poet Laureate. The position of Poet Laureate has been [...] by

The Poet’s Ear (Part 4) April 24, 2013: In my last post I used Robert Creeley’s “I Know a Man” to illustrate the basic principle behind torque: that of twisting or swerving away from an expected cadential trajectory. Creeley’s enjambments are both arbitrary and motivated at the same time: they continually threaten to jar us from the precipitous headlong syntax of the poem. [...] by

The Poet’s Ear (Part 3) April 22, 2013: The word cadence comes up repeatedly when people are talking about the poet’s ear. With respect to poetry, it denotes “rhythm, rhythmical construction, measure” or in Samuel Johnson’s words, “the flow of verses or periods” (OED). More generally, it refers to rising and falling (especially falling) rhythms, vocal or otherwise, or in [...] by

Out of Isolation: Alfred Starr Hamilton’s A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind February 15, 2013: Perhaps you have not heard of the reclusive, generous, "slightly surreal" poet Alfred Starr Hamilton. You are not alone--his first collection to be published in over 40 years has just appeared from the insistently smart small press The Song Cave. A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind: The Poems of Alfred Star Hamilton, edited by Ben Estes and Alan [...] by

Ron Silliman Calls for Wikipoets February 15, 2013: Do you like reading long lists of fabulous poets who either made it into, were dropped from, or were wholly exclude from the Norton Anthology of Postmodern American Poetry? If that's your bag, make your way over to Silliman's blog today to read another insightful dispatch on the poetry glut. The second editions of the NAPAP is once again [...] by

David Bromige Talk at Silliman’s Blog December 26, 2012: To help put 2012 behind us and usher in the new year, we'd like to point you to Ron Silliman's blog where he has posted a talk by David Bromige called "Condition, Information & the Paranoia of the New." The talk was given on October 4th, 1985 as part of the St. Mark's Talks, curated by Charles Bernstein. Go ahead, have a listen! by

After a Flood: Silliman Needs Your Help to Recover Damaged Books August 14, 2012: Speaking of Silliman! The poet wrote on his blog yesterday that "over 140 books and journals [have been] water damaged beyond salvation" after a "pipe in the furnace room that adjoins [his] basement study burst, sending water shooting into the room that houses the majority of [his] ten thousand books." Ten thousand! Goodness. Silliman goes on [...] by

Take a Master Class with Ron Silliman from the Comfort of Your Own Home August 13, 2012: This just in: You can finally take a class with Ron Silliman! The NewPages blog reports that "The Chicago School of Poetics offers online and F2F workshops for writers who 'feel the need for more specialized instruction' beyond the traditional academic program." More: Currently offered is a master class workshop with poet Ron [...] by

Silliman’s serving Cy Press poetry June 6, 2012: [caption id="attachment_47625" align="alignright" width="400" caption="Brandon Brown (foreground), Dana Ward (background)"][/caption] We want to give a huge thanks to Ron Silliman for connecting us to the Cy Press Reading Series, via PennSound. Thus far this week, he's posted readings by Stephanie Young, Brandon Brown, Arlo Quint, John Coletti, [...] by