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Sylvia Plath’s Safe Haven: New York City in 1953 October 30, 2013: Though the format is excruciatingly stylish, we’d recommend attempting to read this story at The Aesthete by Roxane Gay on Sylvia Plath’s life in New York, where she worked in the summer [...] by

Roxane Gay’s Guide to Being a Contemporary Writer August 17, 2012: Hop on over to Roxane Gay’s Tumblr for her list “How to be a Contemporary Writer.” Here’s a few from the list: 5. Accept that sometimes literary success is political and/or [...] by

Hard Facts: A Breakdown by Race of Books Reviewed at The New York Times June 7, 2012: Don’t stop us if you’ve seen this piece at The Rumpus already—one of our friends is even posting it on Facebook every half-hour to make sure we all do: Roxane Gay compiled data to [...] by