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Launching April 3: Lost & Found Series IV Includes a Film Script by Ed Dorn, Adrienne Rich’s Teaching Materials, & Much More March 28, 2014: Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative is back and launching its fourth series at New York's CUNY Graduate Center in Room C198 on April 3. The projects for this round are amazing. Hmm? Thursday, April 3, 4pm Lost & Found Series IV Launch Ammiel Alcalay, Iemanjá Brown, Emily Claman, Stefania Heim, erica [...] by

My Poetry Picks for 2013 December 10, 2013: 1. Anne Carson, Red Doc> (Knopf). Favorite Line: “The moonlit / ironing boards / grandstanding like steeds.” 2. Brandon Shimoda, Portuguese (Tin House Books & Octopus Books) Favorite Line: “Children were following my retarded stepbrother around the fields” 3. Dara Wier, You Good Thing (Wave Books). Favorite [...] by

A Perfect Misunderstanding: On Sampson Starkweather’s First Four Books August 20, 2013: Coldfront writer Mark Gurarie reviews The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather (Birds LLC 2013), by, well, Sampson Starkweather. The book has already gotten plump backing (ow) from HTMLGIANT and C. D. Wright at PEN America, who briskly wrote: "The chapbook has been his signature unit. At least nine of them. At least four have been [...] by

The Gigantic Heart of BIRDS LLC April 2, 2013: When you get a small press that does such gorgeous and professional work, and at the same time doesn’t sacrifice a moment of heart in the process, you get a something like Birds LLC. They’re like the pinnacle of enthusiasm for contemporary young poet's full-length books. And of reinventing self-publishing. What has given me pause lately is [...] by

We Are So Happy That Sampson Starkweather Is So Happy About the 2012 Chapbook Festival March 29, 2012: We are stunned, delighted, and generally more, uh, informed by having read this interview with the enthusiastic Sampson Starkweather about CHAPBOOKS. Starkweather is a co-editor of the small press BIRDS, LLC; a poet himself, and an organizer of this year's 2012 Chapbook Festival, held at the CUNY Grad Center. Adam Robinson at HTMLGIANT calls [...] by