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A New Future for Poetry in Post-Censorship Burma March 14, 2014: For their special issue on Burma, The Dissident Blog has James Byrne, poet and founder of the poetry journal The Wolf, writing about censorship and Burmese literature. Byrne is also the editor and co-translator of Bones Will Crow: 15 Contemporary Burmese Poets (Arc Publications, UK, 2012), the first anthology of Burmese poetry to be published [...] by

Distracted Writing with Chris Abani September 13, 2013: At Sampsonia Way, Joshua Barnes talks to poet and novelist Chris Abani about books, writing, editing, and limits. We love what Abani has to say about his writing practice, and appreciate the distractions he needs and allows to filter through his writing. Abani says: I write everything longhand first. I grew up in West Africa so [...] by