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A Rare Recording of Beckett Reading from Watt March 28, 2013: Thanks to Open Culture, you can enjoy the voice of Samuel Beckett reading two poems from Watt, the last novel he wrote in English. If you can get past the "distracting Dutch subtitles," you'll get to hear the rare sound of Beckett's voice. As noted: Samuel Beckett was notoriously shy around recording devices. He would spend hours in a [...] by

Can Andrew Motion cure verse-drama’s identity issues? March 2, 2011: And does he need to? With the news that Andrew Motion has turned playwright, The Guardian's Andrew Haydon questions his own knee-jerk response that poetry and theater can't mix. In fact, there's not even a phrase that accurately describes the combination (although to be fair to Motion, no one will know whether the "poetry" or the "theater" should [...] by

The emotional hang-ups of Google’s poetry translation software January 17, 2011: Google researcher Dmitriy Genzel talks to NPR's All Things Considered about the advancements in training artificial intelligence to recognize, translate, and maintain the characteristics of poetry. Last week, IBM pitted its computer Watson-- programmed to understand human speech-- against Jeopardy! champions and carried the day (or at least the [...] by

New docs feature a poetic journalist and a grunge poet laureate December 13, 2010: GreenCine highlights two new writer/performer documentaries in a rather unfortunately titled but still worth reading post, Dead Poets Society. Spalding Gray was of course known for a great deal more than his suicide and the hours of footage that Steven Soderbergh has pieced together to examine his life in And Everything is Going Fine certainly [...] by