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Poetry Mixtape Volume I March 2, 2015: One of the great gifts of having an artist for a friend is the unique education that comes of asking what are you into? Nearly all my favorite music, writing, films, and paintings have been received [...] by

Lauren Eggert-Crowe Adventures into Sawako Nakaysu’s World of Ants June 19, 2014: At Trop (rhymes with “drop”), Lauren Eggert-Crowe delves into the mysterious, mythical world of ants with Sawako Nakayasu. Eggert-Crowe’s review shares her early experience in the [...] by

natural death, co-elaboration, & the change is the change May 3, 2014: …the task of creating these spaces is necessarily the responsibility of those readers who insist that the text remain open, as a form of resistance… natural death I wrote the above in [...] by

cento for love April 3, 2014: written for a performance with Dohee Lee and Simon Pettet on March 28, 2014 Poetry is not for the passive. It is, as Mayakovsky knew, at its very heart tendentious. Even the love poem agitates the [...] by