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What Do Ancient Book-Makers, 2 Pixar Alums, and E-Book Publishing Have in Common? December 12, 2013: Vellum! That's right poetry peeps, there's a new game in town. Pixar Alums Brad West and Brad Andalman have teamed up to launch (like, today!) a new, Macintosh-based App to help authors and publishers craft "pixel perfect e-books." It's called Vellum. TechCrunch weighs in: Vellum is an app for the Mac developed by a team led by two Pixar [...] by

Huffington Post on Self Publishing: Here to Stay? August 22, 2013: Huffington Post published its speculations on the future of self-publishing in the age of the internet this week. In 1917 Virginia Woolf and her husband Leonard unpacked a small printing press in the front room of their home. They set up the Hogarth Press to enable them to print small volumes of books that “the commercial publisher would [...] by

Publishing online not just for “refugees” and “rejects” March 16, 2011: In an article about "big publishing's rejects and refugees," The New York Observer looks at how two poets from vastly different generations both arrived at the decision to pursue online self-publishing instead of more traditional routes. Bill Knott had already worked with FSG for years before his frustration with the process—its marketing, its [...] by