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Johannes Göransson on the Ambient Maternal Narratives of Gro Dahle & Dolores Dorantes March 24, 2014: Johannes Göransson writes about Gro Dahle and Dolores Dorantes for Montevidayo. (We recently pointed to a review by Seth Abramson at HuffPo of Dahle's book, A Hundred Thousand Hours [UDP 2013], translated from the Norwegian by Rebecca Wadlinger.) Whereas Ambramson takes the form perhaps more as a given, writing that "Norwegian poet Dahle [...] by

Animals vs. Normandy Sherwood, Steve Zultanski Is a Metamodernist, Ron Silliman Reveals All, & MORE at Huffington Post March 7, 2014: OK! We HEART these picks from Seth Abramson's recent Huffington Post review roundup--especially the much-deserved nod to playwright/performer/costumer Normandy Sherwood's Animals vs. Furniture, illustrated by artist and performer Jesse Hawley, many years in the works, and finally out in trade edition. Also: A new book by Ron Silliman is in the [...] by

Blow-by-Blow Analysis of a Reggie Watts Performance July 29, 2013: Hope you didn't miss Seth Abramason bringing the phenomenal Reggie Watts into his metamodernism corner--at HuffPo, Abramson introduces Watts's TED Talk: Proof that metamodernism can be distinguished from any preceding concept in art can be found in the person of Reggie Watts, a multi-genre performer who's primarily either a musician or [...] by

Andy Mister’s Liner Notes as Exemplary of ‘Metamodernism’ July 23, 2013: Seth Abramson's newest poetry column is up at Huffington Post: This month, Abramson turns from his usual group review to focus on only one collection, using it as "a springboard for discussion of metamodernistic poetry and poetics in the twenty-first century." Said springboard is poet and artist Andy Mister's Liner Notes (Station Hill of [...] by

Why is Contemporary American Poetry So Good/Bad? June 24, 2013: As a result of "Why is modern poetry so bad?" and "Poetry Slam: Or the Decline of American Verse," Seth Abramson has posted "Why Is Contemporary Poetry So Good?" at Huffington Post. Abramson writes: Because there are exponentially more poets writing or committed to writing accomplished poetry today than has ever been the case in the [...] by

Seth Abramson Reviews Mathew Timmons March 1, 2013: Seth Abramson's February poetry reviews are up at Huffington Post Books, and we're interested in the range and diversity of books he highlights. Happily, he includes an astute review of The New Poetics (Les Figues Press, 2010), by Mathew Timmons: Divided into more than 300 alphabetically-arranged chapters--some of which are blank but for [...] by

Seth Abramson Reviews Ceravolo, Downing & Other Distinctive January Books January 31, 2013: Seth Abramson works his review magic for The Huffington Post, calling out a lovely group of books published this month, such as Collected Poems, by Joseph Ceravolo (Wesleyan University Press, 2013) (which you know we're fond of); he gives each one some deserving extended prose. An excerpt: The late [Kenneth] Koch once implied that [...] by

Abramson’s November Contemporary Poetry Reviews December 3, 2012: Here's Seth Abramson's November Contemporary Poetry Reviews for HuffPo. Here he discusses Donald Dunbar's psychedelic Eyelid Lick: Roman Jakobson-influenced scholars and poet-critics will tell you that all written and oral language resides at some point or another on a spectrum with "immanence" at one end and "transcendence" at the [...] by

Seth Abramson’s October Contemporary Poetry Reviews October 29, 2012: If you haven't had a chance to peep out Seth Abramson's latest set of mini-reviews at HuffPo, consider this is your last call! As per usual, Abramson covers a lot of ground. We'll get you going with this bit from his review of The Banjo Clock, by Karen Garthe: Karen Garthe writes some of the most expert--and tightly-wound--lyric poems [...] by