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RIP Prince Rogers Nelson (1958–2016) April 22, 2016: We can’t believe he’s gone. At Slate, Katy Waldman extolls the virtues of his thankfully timeless lyrics: “Saturated in color, wild with bizarre imagery, they overload the senses [...] by

Slate Picks Love Poetry Guaranteed to Help You… February 12, 2016: If you haven’t heard, Valentine’s Day approacheth. It seems to happen every year? Weird. Anyway, Slate has picked out some l o v e p o e m s for you lovecats to enjoy when you’re [...] by

Goodnight Moon, Good Morning Gertrude Stein December 7, 2015: If you’ve ever wondered why you’re intrigued by both Gertrude Stein and the beloved children’s book Goodnight Moon, the mystery is solved for you this morning, thanks to Anne E. [...] by

The Prison Dictionary Illuminates a Private, Institutional Language July 8, 2015: “[W]hen a group of inmates put their private language under a microscope, they realized the way they use language reflects years of institutional history and serves as a unique window onto [...] by

Take a Poetry Quiz at Slate June 26, 2015: It’s Friday quiz time! Lucky for us it’s a poetry quiz. Doubly lucky is our handy-dandy cheat sheet, otherwise known as the Online Archive. But please don’t cheat… really. [...] by

Robert Pinsky Reads Samuel Beckett’s ‘Cascando,’ Disagrees with Paul Muldoon January 13, 2015: At Slate, an argument between Robert Pinsky and Paul Muldoon about Samuel Beckett’s love poem, “Cascado,” is brewing. While Paul Muldoon writes “this is truly dreadful [...] by

Walt Whitman’s Specimen Days January 12, 2015: This week, Slate presents an excerpt from Leslie Jamison’s introduction to Walt Whitman’s Specimen Days and Collect, published by Melville House in November 2014. From Slate: What is [...] by

Emily Dickinson ‘Fragments’ Collaged By Janet Malcolm January 24, 2014: Today at Slate, Rebecca Onion frames a series of collages clipped and pasted by author/artist Janet Malcolm, and on display at Lori Bookstein Fine Art in New York City through February 8th. The [...] by

Booklovers Rejoice! September 10, 2013: And by booklovers we mean people who like to read “books” on digital displays. Slate reports on Oyster, or “Netflix for Books”: Meet Oyster, the book subscription app that [...] by

Robert Frost and the Criminally Sardonic August 20, 2013: Slate recently noted a scene from Orange Is the New Black that had every poetry and Robert Frost fan smiling: In “Blood Donut,” the seventh episode of Orange Is the New Black, Taystee Jefferson [...] by