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More Than Just a Nostalgic Nose: Interview With John Sakkis (!!) at SF Weekly February 13, 2015: Poet, editor, translator, and Internet-hater John Sakkis was interviewed this week for “The Write Stuff” at SF Weekly! We here at Harriet have been tremulous with anticipation for [...] by

SPD Movie Night Is Tomorrow! Featuring Films by Six Bay Area Poets & Filmmakers September 4, 2014: Small Press Distribution is screening films! Tomorrow night, the trusty organization will show the work of six local poets and/or filmmakers on the back wall of its warehouse, says Evan Karp at [...] by

on the small press, part two: ‘the future is back’ April 21, 2014: The second in a series of posts featuring editors and publishers discussing their projects. First up: Noel Black and Mary Burger. —Noel Black Angry Dog Press started in 1998, I think. It was the [...] by

SPD’s October Best-Sellers List November 5, 2013: It looks like book buyers in October were lifting some serious poetry, according to our friends at SPD. Their best-sellers list is now live, here. Things are looking great these days for Krupskaya, [...] by

What’s in SPD’s Mystery Box? July 2, 2013: What’s inside of Small Press Distribution’s mystery box? Four pounds of books for ten dollars?! Yup! The books inside of every SPD Mystery Box are shrouded in secrecy and yet, for just [...] by