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Must-Read at PSA: New Translations of Stéphane Mallarmé February 3, 2014: At Poetry Society of America, Robert Fernandez and Blake Bronson-Bartlett write in depth about their very new Stéphane Mallarmé translations–the poems themselves are also up. “[A]s all [...] by

Bright Red Words April 30, 2013: Most poets I believe love words as objects in themselves. They seem delicious to me, as if I could just pluck one from an overhanging tree and eat it whole. The poet Clark Coolidge said in a poetics [...] by

Yes, Poetry as ‘Diffusion of the Divine’: Barry Schwabsky on Quentin Meillassoux on Stephane Mallarmé October 9, 2012: Art writer, poet, and darewesay critic Barry Schwabsky has lent his hand to Hyperallergic again, having covered Peter Manson’s new Mallarmé translation in late July. Schwabsky reviews, this [...] by

The Guardian Favorably Compares Peter Manson’s New Mallarmé Translation to Ashbery’s Rimbaud…! June 20, 2012: We’ve shared our enthusiasm with you before about Peter Manson’s new and long-awaited translations of Mallarmé’s The Poems in Verse (Miami University Press 2012), which have just [...] by

Here at Last: Peter Manson’s Translations of Poésies of Stéphane Mallarmé February 29, 2012: Thrilling news: Scottish poet Peter Manson’s English translations of Poésies of Stéphane Mallarmé are at last available from Miami University Press. We pointed to a few of the translations [...] by