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Lyric As a Genre Among Other Genres / Reading Lawrence Giffin Through Steven Zultanski August 19, 2014: One to note at Jacket2: Steven Zultanski reviews “tricky book” Christian Name (Ugly Duckling Presse 2012), by Lawrence Giffin. Why tricky? “[I]t’s the kind of book that seems to [...] by

Robert Fitterman on Political Poetry: Not a Vice, at Vice July 10, 2014: What’s a political poet? Is the world “brimming over with a new political poetry”? Robert Fitterman explicates the haves from the have nots in his most recent article, and considers [...] by

Not a Matter of Resisting Interpretation: Steven Zultanski on Vanessa Place’s Statement of Facts November 2, 2012: Steven Zultanski gives Vanessa Place’s much-discussed Statement of Facts (Blanc Press 2010) the short, nay thorough, statement at Jacket2. Zultanski offers 1) Context, 2) The relativist’s [...] by