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Stevie Smith Profiled at the Paris Review February 12, 2014: At the Paris Review blog, Diane Mehta delivers an engaging portrait of Stevie Smith. Mehta writes that Smith's poetry is undergoing something of renaissance, what with her Best Poems having been reissued in December. About this second wind, Mehta writes: It’s high time. Smith’s work has been nearly forgotten, her books having [...] by

Stevie Smith’s ‘Thoughts on the Person from Porlock’ September 4, 2013: On a personal level, affectionate teasing can express love, of course. In some families, benign mockery is a prized, vital form of intimacy. Comedy of the self, comedy of the other person, a characteristic joke, may demonstrate the bonds of deep familiarity as no mere hug could do. (I was moved to hear a friend's account of her father, near [...] by