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O at Open Books April 4, 2011: By day and night, Christine Deavel is the co-owner of OPEN BOOKS, Seattle’s poetry-only bookstore. She likes her clothes to help sell books. Case in point: She hopes her sweatshop-free, organic Hemp, blue cardigan ($25) and taupe-yellow Value Village camisole ($2) layered on top of a GAP poetic-black tee ($11) are the perfect complement to [...] by

Suheir Hammad’s anti-war poems at TED Women March 18, 2011: Poet Suheir Hammad who "blends the stories and sounds of her Palestinian-American heritage with the vibrant language of Brooklyn" performed at TEDWomen in Washington DC in December. Hammad addressed the crowd of "confused, aspiring pacifists" and spoke of how poetry prepares you to confront "man's creative violence" in her poems "What I Will" [...] by

Suheir Hammad, ‘breaking poems’ (Cypher Books, 2008) August 18, 2009: Cypher Books has just announced that Suheir Hammad's breaking poems, which was the recipient of the 2009 Arab American Book Award in Poetry, has just been nominated for an American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation. It's wonderful to see a poet most well-known for her sharp and effective performance -- she was an original cast [...] by